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The Bowen Basin Underground Geotechnical Society Inc. (BBUGS) is a non-profit organisation with the aims of providing a friendly and confidential forum for mutual technical development, networking, expanding and sharing knowledge, special interest identification, specialist recognition, establishment of national links, expert opinion and influence in relation to the field of geotechnical engineering in the underground coal mines of the Bowen Basin.”

BBUGS Council:

Chair – Richard Campbell – Blackrock Mining Solutions
Vice Chair – Gavin Lowing – Peabody Energy
Secretary – Michael O’Keefe – ESS
Treasurer – Scott Burchmore – Geotechnicoal
Councillor – Yass-Marie Rutty – BMA
Councillor – Adam Lines – Rio Tinto
Councillor – Dave Wallis – GeoBrugg

To view the BBUGS Constitution Click here.

BBUGS shall pursue the following aims and objectives:

(i) Advancing the knowledge of all geotechnical factors affecting the design, construction and operation of underground coal mines in the Bowen Basin, including technical aspects, health and safety, and sustainable development;

(ii) Promoting and reviewing geotechnical research and development of relevant projects;

(iii) Communicating and linking with other local and international like associations concerned with the application, planning and practice of geotechnical aspects of underground coal mining; and

(iv) Reviewing the adequacy of education and training of technologists associated with the science, engineering and practice of geotechnical aspects of underground coal mining.

To view Guidelines for Presenters at BBUGS meetings please click here.